Lion on a thumb drive is a great idea

lionby Tambako the Jaguar

Mac OS X Lion will be available on USB thumb drive for $69 in August
[Via AppleInsider]

For those who want to have their copy of Lion saved on a physical medium, Apple will make the Mac OS X upgrade available on a USB thumb drive through its online store in August, but at a cost more than twice the price of the Mac App Store.


My home DSL has degraded so far that I think it will take 1-2 days to download Lion.  I plan on stopping by an Apple store to use their network to download the program but having it on a thumb drive is a nice idea for those without a fast internet.

I’m supposed to be getting “up to 500 kb/sec”. I was getting about 270. Then that dropped to 180. Then to 90 and now I get about 75.

My phone company has no suggestions other than to get their high speed FIOS service, which involved them trenching my yard and potentially tear up the sprinkler system and stuff. And they can only guarantee a speed “up to” some limit, just like I have today.

I’ll probably get FIOS but I am not hoping they can actually deliver the levels they say. It’ll just be better than what I have now.