They thought the streets were paved with gold

tabletby Mike McCaffrey

Multiple Android tablet peddlers give up, focus on 4- to 5 -inch smartphones
[Via MacDailyNews]

“Branded handset vendors as well as ODM/OEM handset makers, who have ventured into the tablet PC segment, have recently switched their focus back to the development of 4- to 5-inch high-end smartphones in the wake of recent lackluster sales of Android-based tablets, according to industry sources,” Daniel Shen and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.


Like any other gold rush, all these companies thought they would be able to just pick up market share just by showing up. The tablet market that Apple revealed would be theris for the taking.

All they had to do was produce the goods.

Many produced the goods and saw little results. It really does appear that, at the moment, there is not a tablet market – there is an iPad market.

The only success so far – Samsung – slavishly copied the iPad so much that Apple is suing Samsung over that plagiarism.

None of them really want to put in the hard work of creating the market. But because they did not, they have no real understanding of the market or what really works. Apparently copying Apple will only work for one of them.