The Voice and iTunes – Christina’s team is toast

christinaby D.S.B

The Voice is a pretty interesting show. We are down to the live shows where “America gets to vote.” One of the ways to vote is at iTunes where by downloading one of the songs, you also vote for the contestant. This is a brilliant way to actually see the potential of each singer.

People on other shows  – and this one too – can vote via phone or online for free. But what really gets studios’ attention is whether people will lay out cash to hear the singers.

You can examine the top 1024 songs at anytime on iTunes using a newsfeed. At 10:20 AM PDT, DIa Frampton is at #27, Xenia is at # 68,  Beverly McClellan is # 317, Frenchie Davis is # 344, Patrick Thomas is #372, Jared Blake is # 493, and Raquel Castro is # 821.

Looks like Dia and Xenia are fan favorites for those actually putting up money. Beverly. Frenchie and Patrick all are about the same, with Jared, Raquel and Lily (who is not even in the top 1000) trailing.

But one of the interesting things about iTunes is that you can also rate the song without having to purchase. It looks like you might be able to get some idea of how America is voting simply by looking at the number of ratings each singer has.

As of 10:30 AM PDT, here are the number of ratings for each singer (Christina’s team; Blake’s team):

948 Dia Framption
537 Xenia
199 Frenchie Davis
173 Beverly McClellan
162 Patrick Thomas
162 Raquel Castro
132 Jared Blake
95 Lily Elise

This semi-formal poll corroborates the purchase data – Dia and Xenia are the most popular, with the rest in a bunch and Lily at the back.

The people’s vote saves one singer and the team captains save another. It looks pretty likely that Dia will have the most votes. And Blake just loves Xenia, as he showed last night, so I expect her to be saved also. Besides, I expect the producers of the show to recognize that the two of them can sell a lot of songs, which is at the base of all of these types of shows.

Christina’s team will be much harder to tell who will win. But, if the voting we see here is any indication, whoever she picks will not have much of a chance actually winning going forward. Dia and Xenia just crushed ALL of Christina’s singers.

This is actually very close to my own feelings and how I voted. Blake’s team, whom I did not think was very strong, really came on and dazzled. I really like the staging of each performer. They were generally simple and let the singer’s voice shine through. Christina’s were almost all overproduced, with dancers, shining lights and outrageous outfits. Who really heard the the voice? Beverly’s performance was the simplest production of her team’s and also seems to be the one with the most purchases.

Next week we have Adam’s and Cee-lo’s teams. I think these are two of the strongest teams but it will be interesting to see how the totals go.

At the moment, Team Blake is the one to beat.