Intel’s idea for innovating – copy what Apple does

Intel’s new ‘Ultrabook’ design to compete with Apple’s iPad, MacBook Air
[Via AppleInsider]

Intel has unveiled design guidelines for a new category of thin-and-light laptops, dubbed “Ultrabooks,” that take cues from Apple’s iPad and MacBook Air.

Intel executives detailed the new designs at the Computex trade show, Engadget reports. Ultrabooks will marry the performance and capabilities of a laptop with “tablet-like features” in a “thin, light and elegant design,” Executive Vice President Sean Maloney said in a statement.


A rip off of the MacBook Air is the next innovative device  from Intel. Again, Apple innovates and the industry copies.

What better evidence would we need for declaring Apple the company of the 21st Century. What would the computer industry look like if none of Apple’s ideas had ever come about? I shudder to think.

I did love no mention of the operating system. Microsoft is now just irrelevant in making a computer purchase.

3 thoughts on “Intel’s idea for innovating – copy what Apple does

  1. “The Ultrabook should bring all the benefits of tablets but with the performance and capabilities of today’s laptops – a marriage between the MacBook Air and the iPad, if you will.”
    Care to explain how? Sounds more like a PR pitch than a news story.

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