Using the iPad as a digital gift giver

President Obama gets an iPad 2 filled with Polish pride
[Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)]

President Obama is on a European tour, and one of his stops included Poland. Before parting, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk gave President Obama several gifts, a usual custom for visiting dignitaries. One of those gifts was an iPad 2. President Obama already has an iPad 2, but TUAW reader Darek points out this iPad 2 was just a “container” for other Polish goodies, including some masterful Polish movies.

“One of them was ‘Cathedral’ by Tomasz Bagiński, which got Oscar nomination several years ago,” Darek says. “There was also a masterpiece ‘City of Ruins’ — a digitally recreated aerial panorama of post-war Warsaw, almost totally destroyed during WWII.”


Pretty nifty. The gift is not the iPad but the digital material it holds. This could not easily be done before the iPad yet it now allows world leaders to exchange important cultural items digitally.

This opens up a whole spectrum of possibilities. I wonder what we would include on our iPad?