For Google, when it rains lawsuits, it pours

Google launches NFC payment service, eBay sues alleging theft
[Via AppleInsider]

After Google unveiled the Google Wallet Near Field Communication mobile payment service on Thursday, eBay and subsidiary PayPal filed a lawsuit alleging the project’s team lead stole trade secrets to create the service.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Google showed off the new mobile payment Android app at an event in New York City Thursday. Google Wallet utilizes virtual cards, such as a Google Prepaid Card, to ‘tap to pay’ via NFC technology.


Trade secrets lawsuits can be tricky but since the Google guy negotiating a deal between Google and Paypal was also negotiating a new job at Google, one wonders about the obvious conflict of interests. And the fact that the Google approach looks so similar to the Paypal approach.

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    1. Who knows at this point? I think the reason we see it is that Google wants to pre-empt Apple which is working on something along these lines. Of course, Apple’s will be much better thought out. Remember, Google keeps things in Beta forever, just so it does not have to deal with getting things just right ;-)

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