I suspect this is why some police do not want videos made

Jury awards $82,000 after woman is arrested when asking police for a business card | OregonLive.com
[Via Oregonlive]

A Multnomah County jury awarded a 33-year-old woman $82,000 Thursday, saying they wanted to send Portland police a message: Hand over a business card the next time a citizen asks for one.

Several jurors who spoke to The Oregonian after the verdict in Multnomah County Circuit Court said police weren’t dealing with an urgent or dangerous situation on the evening of Feb. 13, 2009 — when Shei’Meka Newmann questioned what she thought was an unnecessarily rough arrest of a fellow MAX rider. It would have taken only a few seconds for an officer to hand Newmann a card, jurors said.


Sounds like the video from the MAX train demonstrated to the jury that the police were lying when they described the behavior of the passenger. Asking for a policeman’s card resulted in her arrest and charging with interfering with an investigation.

The jury did not believe the video demonstrated that at all. It is telling that the charges against her were dropped because the arresting officer did not show up in court. KNowing yt was bogus but makingsure she had to pay for the court costs. What a nice way to show her who is the boss!

This case was egregious enough that even another officer testified that she had done nothing wrong.

So much easier to intimidate and bully citizens when there are no cameras around. Perhaps now the bad ones try to use some of that training they received to better use.