The Forever War

NewImageby Cristiano Betta

A Conflict Without End –
[Via NYT]

Osama bin Laden had been dead only a few days when House Republicans began their efforts to expand, rather than contract, the war on terror. Not content with the president’s wide-ranging powers to pursue the archcriminals of Sept. 11, 2001, Republicans want to authorize the military to pursue virtually anyone suspected of terrorism, anywhere on earth, from now to the end of time. Readers’ Comments “George Orwell is smirking in his grave right now.” Rick, South Florida Read Full Comment » This wildly expansive authorization would, in essence, make the war on terror a permanent and limitless aspect of life on earth, along with its huge potential for abuse.


Yes, Congress is trying to pass legislation that will allow the Executive to use the military anywhere they want – including inside the US – for virtually any reason, apparently forever.

The Constitution says that only Congress can declare war. Here we see them giving up that right so that any Executive can pretty much use the military for any purpose involving any type of hostilities.

This will likely pass since it is hidden inside a Defense Authorization Act. And no one wants to appear to be weak on ‘defense’.

Our political leaders are cowardly handing the Executive more and more power. Power that has historically resulted in the loss of democracy.

And I thought Haldeman’s book was satirical.