My first ‘Holy Crap’ app from the Mac app store

hummingbirdby Memotions

Hype 1.0
[Via Daring Fireball]

Brand-new keyframe-based animation and interactive content creation tool for Mac OS X — with pure HTML5 output. Fire up their gallery of examples on your iPad or iPhone and get a glimpse of the future.

I went to the web site and watched the tutorials. I actually mouthed holy crap.

I’ve been personally buying software since the late 70s– I first had a Texas Instruments TI-99/4 then a Radio Shack CoCo before settling on a 128K Mac.

This is the sort of application that can change everything. For less than $30, I can create animations for web pages that are independent of Adobe and Flash.

For now.

Like Pagemaker or Pagemill it allows naive users to create almost professional works. And, like both of those paradigm shifting applications, it will change how we disseminate information and data.

I bought Pagemaker when it was put out by Aldus. Before Adobe bought Aldus. I used the beta of Pagemill from Seneca before Adobe bought it. (I also used Cyberstudio – which became GoLive – and Dreamweaver before Adobe bought each of them.)

See a pattern here?

I’m headed to the Mac App Store right now – Hype is at a reduced price – to buy this before Adobe gets its hands on it and ruins it. I’d suggest you do too.

It may be more fun to play with this weekend than Infinity Blade.