Apple doing a simple thing that is simply cool

Apple’s cloud streaming could rely on small, locally stored song segments
[Via AppleInsider]

Apple’s anticipated cloud-based music streaming service could could offer faster playback of Internet-stored content by syncing just small snippets of songs via iTunes.


One of the big things about using the cloud has been the need to stream the music to the iphone or whatever. This takes time and is dependent on how well the network is running. And if you change the tune in mid song, there can be a delay as your request makes it way up to the servers and back.

What Apple has a new patent for is a system where you keep some of your music on the iOS device that can be played immediately whie the device waits for the rest of the song to come in from the Internet.

No delay and to the end user it really seems like the music is just there. Say Apple keeps a minute of music for each song on the iOS device. That is more than enough time to buffer in the whole rest of the song.

The song could be randomly changed and it could start playing immediately.

So local storage needed on the device could be reduced 3-4 fold while making the experience seamless for the user.

Very nice idea.