Sorry. My Thursday will be full – with Infinity Blade!

The Best Game On The App Store Gets Multiplayer And Survival Modes [Infinity Blade]
[Via Cult of Mac]

Char Entertainment and Epic Games’ Infinity Blade — a game we called “an elegiac app store masterpiece” and one of the best games on the App Store — is getting another beefy, free update on Thursday, and aside from more content, it brings one huge new feature to the game: multiplater deathmatch. Swoon.

Starting Thursday, Infinity Blade will get its next big content pack in Infinity Blade: Arena.

The big news is the “Enter The Arena” mode, which allows two players to go head-to-head via Game Center. One player takes the role of the protagonist knight, while the other player controls one of the games awesome titans, in a challenge for dueling supremacy.

But that’s not all. Another addition is the new survivor mode, in which players have to face off against a legion of Titans to see how far they can go without dying.


I will not be getting anything done on Thursday as I deal with the new content. And multiplayer can be awesome.

importantly, this is following the app economy model – update early and often, keeping your fans connected with the company.  Angry Birds is one example and Infinity Blade is another.

I’ve now got 3 different versions of Angry Birds – HD, Holidays and Rio – all on their own update cycle. I’m hoping for something similar for Infinity Blade.

Perhaps soon they will open up different areas of the castle. Or allow different skills than creating a huge tank.

And, of course, they will have to give us the next step in the adventure sometime. The ending as it is now just makes me want to know what happens next.