We could be into the beginning of a condom boom

condomsby Paul Keller

If Drug-Slathered, Erection-Enhancing Condoms Won’t Lead Men to Safe Sex, Nothing Will
[Via Discoblog]

For men who find that condoms sometimes, um, lessen their enthusiasm, some good news: Durex may soon be selling erection-enhacing condoms with a pharmaceutical boost.

The condoms, developed by UK biotech company Futura Medical, are lined with a gel that increases blood flow. The gel’s active ingredient, glyceryl nitrate, has been used for as a vasodilator for over a century. The tricky part was getting the gel to stay in the condom without degrading the latex, but the company found a way (and quickly patented it).

Men who enrolled in the clinical trial took the condoms home and gave them a test run (the things we do for science!). Both they and their partners reported longer, larger, and harder erections, presumably while grinning.


Modern technology is a wonder. We may now have condoms that can produce larger, longer and harder erections. What man is going to want to say no?

I wonder just how popular they will be? We will have to go to Europe to get them The FDA wants more trials.

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    1. As this is a topical gel, I would not expect it to be transported throughout the body. This might actually be a safer approach than Viagra.

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