Irony – Apple could save Intel?

intelby quapan

Should Apple Save Intel by Adopting the Atom?

[Via Cult of Mac]

Should Apple bailout Intel? That’s the thinking of one analyst who suggests the Cupertino, Calif. tech giant help the chip giant leap from aging PCs to the future of smartphones and tablets. Apple, which already uses Intel Core 2 Duo, i5 and i7 cores in laptops and desktops, could adopt Intel’s Atom core.

“In our view, Intel would pick up Apple’s volume, driving revenue growth at good (not great) gross margin,” Piper Jaffray analyst Gus Richard tells investors Monday morning. Meanwhile, “Intel would also benefit from becoming a key supplier in smartphones and tablets and drive growth,” he adds. But what’s in it for Apple, which reportedly is looking for an alternative to the Intel chips in its laptop and desktops?


I’m sure this is just filling space. But who would have thought that anyone would discuss Apple as being a savior for Intel?

It used to be Wintel against Apple. Now both Microsoft and Intel are having trouble in the post-PC universe, where speed and low battery usage excel.

Revenge really is a dish best served cold.