Apple recognizes the impact of the app economy

softwareby qthomasbower

Apple execs focused on software-driven iPhone product cycle, says analyst
[Via AppleInsider]

Fresh off a meeting with senior executives at Apple, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty said the company sees product cycles as being driven by software rather than hardware and is expected to announce major software updates at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June.


With the right hardware in place, software drives sales of more hardware. The original Mac saw this happen with desktop publishing software. The current app economy continues to drive mobile hardware sales for Apple.

The right organizations can turn the product cycle much more rapidly than older companies. I think Apple is going to hit this in a big way. Look at how Garageband is now actually better in many ways on the iPad than on the desktop.

iWork has not been updated in 2 years for the desktop. It will be amazing to see what Apple is planning this summer. There may not be a new phone but there could be some amazing software if Apple has been taking on more of an app economy cycle.

And just remember,Apple has a retail presence than no one else does. Other hardware makers have to rely on another organization to sell their wares. There is no Nokia store or Samsung store. These plaes for people to try things out are important.

But just as important is a retail outlet that is totally focused on Apple products. Best Buy will be just as happy to sell a Nokia as  Samsung. Moreso if the spiffs are  in place.