How Google’s Android can follow your intentions while Apple’s iPhone can not

Scoble: Apple has nothing over Google when it comes to knowing where you really are
[Via MacDailyNews]

“Did you know that on Android apps can talk to your phone’s radios? And that those same APIs are NOT available on Apple or Microsoft’s platforms?” Robert Scoble asks for Scobleizer.

“What does this do? It lets you crowd-source the wireless map of signals in a room. See, if you didn’t know this you can figure out what room of my house you are in just by looking at the WIFI signal,” Scoble reports. “I’ve used an app called Walkbase to demonstrate just how this works.”


Android, and its apps, can make a guess which room of your house you are in or which store you are in, using approaches that Apple simply does not allow. Google can then tailor its ads to where t knows you are, in ways that Apple does not.

This is a level of knowledge, of granularity of your location that it appears the iPhone does not have. Somehow I do not think this will be to the benefit of the  user as much as it is used to sell ads.

Spielberg got it wrong. It won;t be through eye scans that they will track you but by your cellphone, if Google gets its way.