Full court press from Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs outlines Apple’s efforts to clarify iPhone location tracking issue
[Via AppleInsider]

In an interview with Wall Street Journal blogger Ina Fried, Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs explained the steps his company took to respond to the explosion of interest in reports concerning how iOS devices use location services.


Wow. Steve was everywhere yesterday, giving interviews with just about any media reporter that would listen. I don’t every remember Apple and Jobs putting on this much of a coordinated outreach to alter incorrect perceptions.

This is because Apple’s business focus is on the customer and their experience. Google’s and others have a business focus on their advertisers.

An adaptive and resilient company can leverage this sort of event – based largely on the misrepresentation of a bug – which could really hamstring more hierarchical organizations. Instead of purely using press releases, Apple sends out its best weapon – the Reality Distortion Field of Steve Jobs.

Apple does whatever it can to make sure the customer’s experience is at the forefront. Google does whatever it can to make sure the advertisers experience is forefront.

I expect that by the time Jobs appears in front of a Congressional committee, this will  be turned into a messaging about how responsive Apple is to customer comments and how it never uses location services knowingly to make a buck with third parties.

While Google does exactly that. As I understand it, Google sends back data with a unique identifier for every phone, allowing it to datamine the locations and personal info from people. Apple anonymizes the data so that it can be mined – such a crowdsourceing information – but not so it can identify anyone.

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  1. Just wait. A congressional hearing will be, or try to be, a lynching of Apple! The Feds use PCs. Do you really think they are to admit that their computers and phones are worse than Macs? Of course not. And I might mention that the rumor is they track you every time you checks onto a .gov site, the Feds save your email address. Just in case.

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