Shipping an unfinished iPad competitor seems to be par for the course

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InfoWorld reviews RIM BlackBerry PlayBook: A useless, unfathomable train wreck
[Via MacDailyNews]

“It’s been half a year since Research in Motion unveiled its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet based on the QNX operating system. This week, RIM began shipping the 7-inch tablet,” Galen Gruman reports for InfoWorld. “After spending a couple days with the final product, it’s clear that the PlayBook is a useless device whose development is unfinished.”

“I knew the prerelease reviews were negative, and I had my own concerns after seeing a PlayBook demo in January,” Gruman reports. “But even those didn’t prepare me for the profound disappointment that is the PlayBook. Why did RIM bother shipping it?”


The picture above illustrates non-Apple tablet makers. Jobs has quoted Gretsky by saying he skates to where the puck will be, not where it is. RIM, and others, seem to be following the puck around in a frenzy, not really knowing where it is going. That does not sound like a winning strategy.

Motorola shipped the Xoom promising that it would upgrade it to the needed capabilities some months in the future. No one bought an unfinished product.

Now RIM is doing the same thing. Why send out something that is only a poor copy of last year’s iPad? At least Samsung went pack to the drawing board rather than come out with a porrly thought out copycat.

By the time RIM actually comes out with something reasonable, their brand may have been destroyed in the market place.  As the reviewer said: “instead of a world-class performer, we got the homeless guy who plays air guitar in front of the mall.”