LinkedIn Maps are fun

I mentioned my social map from LikedIn a few weeks ago. I’ve done a little seeding and thought you might like the new look.

Here is the one from February:


And here is April:

minkedin map

Besides the color change, which I have no control over, there are a couple of noticeable changes. The blue network has broken into two distinct but interconnected groups, at least by this programs algorithms. I have not myself been able to discern what the difference is but I’ll keep looking

The lower right portion of the graph has been enhanced.The right seems to mainly be filled with acquaintances who really aren’t connected to many others in my linked in network. I guess I could make them all tighter by inviting them to a party and having them connect online but I don’t think that will really add much.

I guess it’ll be interesting to see how it changes a year from now.