Electrical engineers could rejoice for this iPad gizmo

The iScilloscope: An iPhone App Late Career Bela Lugosi Could Be Proud Of
[Via Cult of Mac]

For years, the oscilloscope was my favorite gadget for being such a ubiquitous instrument in the basement laboratories of 50s B-Movie scientists. As a kid, I didn’t know what an oscilloscope did, but it was clearly important somehow in the business of creating atomic supermen, or taking over the world with giant octopodes, or operating a Billion Bubble Machine.

In all things, there must be an end to innocence, though, and eventually, I found out that an oscilloscope is just a pretty bog standard machine allowing you to measure oscillations in voltage or current, and has nothing to do with playing God or conquering this world of man. I abandoned it as a favorite gadget, and moved on to playing with my iPod.


According to the company, it is the smallest mixed signal oscilloscope in the world. They have a free software demo on iTunes.

It would be really cool if it had appropriate sound effects for the display. Something science-fictiony.