Nice graphic on radiation danger

Assessing the Radiation Danger, Near and Far – Graphic –
[Via NYT]

Assessing the Radiation Danger, Near and Far Current assessments of the radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant by the Japanese authorities, the International Atomic Energy[

This is really helpful. Japan will be dealing with the direct results of the nuclear plant problems for long time. Luckily it will not be affecting the US to nearly the same amount.

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  1. Why is there so much discussion and panic over the Japanese disaster than there was over Chernobyl or Three Island? I remember Europe being upset over Chernobyl, but Three Island didn’t raise nearly as much reaction as this one has. And isn’t the West Coast closer to Three Island than Japan? Why the panic?

    1. Well, first of all, news media are quite different today. However, I certainly recall great deal of worry over TMI. There were large evacuations and people were worried about a major explosion But also, TMI was essentially over in a couple of days. There were large evacuations and it had a huge effect on the popularity of the movie The China Syndrome, which had opened shortly before TMI happened.

      As I recall, Chernobyl was essentially already over before Western media got a look. I think the first indication to us that anything was wrong was actually radiation readings in countries outside Ukraine. This led to the revelation of the explosion. Most of the news then dealt with the aftermath, which was horrific.

      So, both of these were already and done with in a few days. Japan is going on 3 weeks. It generates a lot more news because there is a lot more news. I would say that the situation is actually much more complex than either TMI or Chernobyl, which at base were caused by human error. HUman error can be understood and dealt with. Here we have a natural disaster that began this, adding a lot more complexity because there was not a single point of failure. Also, both TMI and Chernobyl dealt with single power units. Here we have 6 and the surrounding areas.

      Three weeks of news, along with daily announcements of new radiation levels, is bound to get a lot of media attention, as well as ours. What I have found is to stay away from most American sources – they seem to like panic.

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