An unbelievable rescue of a dog at sea

Tsunami Victim: Dog Rescued after Three Weeks Adrift [VIDEO]
[Via Mashable]

Check out this little tsunami victim, a dog that somehow stayed alive on a floating pile of rubble with a roof on top for three weeks before the Japanese Coast Guard rescued him.


Here is the video:

How did the dog get fresh water for three weeks? It looks in really good shape after being on the high seas for three weeks. Perhaps the house and debris also has food/water sources it could get to.

Or perhaps the debris was actually still land bound until recently, when it was carried away on a high tide with the dog. So it had actually only been at see for a short time.This might be a possibility, as I’m not sure so much material would still be together and still floating like that after 3 weeks on the high seas.

In either case, I am amaze at the bravery of the people who rescued it. They could have gotten hurt or worse. Luckily the dog seemed quite calm.

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  1. There could have been all sorts of stuff in the debris to eat or drink. Including, of course, bodies of people.

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