Rapid reduction in Bisphenol-A body levels by using fresh foods

Eating Fresh Foods May Cut Exposure to BPA
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Families who gave up canned foods and food and beverages prepared and packaged using plastic containers saw their levels of a hormone-disrupting chemical fall by 66%, a new study shows. All it took was three days of eating only freshly prepared, organic foods.The chemical bisphenol A (BPA) is found in many kinds of plastic food packaging, such as some water bottles, food storage containers, and sealing wrap. It is also used to line the inside of food cans.


The first seminar of the Sustainable Path Foundation, where I’m a Board member, in 2004 had Dr. Pete Myers discussing BP-A. I stopped using polycarbonate bottles then and there. Now, seven years on and we are still hearing about the health effects.

While this was a small study – 20 people – the speed with which the levels of PB-A dropped is wonderful to hear. It would mean some real changes in lifestyle – no more coffee machines with plastic parts.

But removing endocrine disrupters from our food supply may have huge effects on human health.

2 thoughts on “Rapid reduction in Bisphenol-A body levels by using fresh foods

  1. Two things:Seems that there is no actual proof about the dangers. The studies keep referring to “associated with”. And, Two:In order to avoid cans, plastic, etc., you are going to have to spend more money. Some people can’t afford it.

  2. There is actually a large body of work that demonstrate the dangers from animal studies. Based on that, I tend to feel that BP-A has to be proven safe, rather than it has to be proven harmful. Its usefulness was based on being inert in the plastic. It has been shown not be inert, sloughing off into the food we eat.The ethical question of harming people in order to save money can be discussed by others.

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