Goodie. Another operating system to develop for

Motorola hedging Android bet with new web-based OS
[Via AppleInsider]

Motorola Mobility, which has been Google’s only major licensee fully committed to Android, is now working on a new web-based mobile operating system apparently intended to give it more control over its future, enraging Android advocates anew just weeks after Nokia opted against adopting Google’s mobile OS.


I guess continuing fractionation of the mobile OS marketplace will be a win. Who is going to develop for this Motorola-specific OS? There are already ones from Apple, Google, Microsoft, HP, and RIM. Where does Motorola fit?

Reinventing the wheel is the way to go, I guess, for organizations that are not able to get ahead of the curve. If they continue to aim for where the puck is now rather than where it will be, these companies will continue to flounder.