They used to give graduation certificates for parenting

HOWTO raise a Eugenic Baby (old ad)
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This Physical Culture ad for The Correspondence School of Gospel and Scientific Eugenics (whose principal had the comedy name of “M.E. Teats,” no less!) manages to capture everything abhorrent about both faith and science, and is a kind of perfect parcel of awfulness, from the mad, stary schoolmarm and pinch-faced schoolmaster on the letterhead to the great! abundance! of exclamation!! marks!!!, to the testimonials from proud parents of “Eugenic Babies.”


I wonder if the Certificate was useful. Could you show it to your child to overwhelm them with your competence?

Old time ads are so much fun. ‘Six Civilized Nations!” Certificates to demonstrate that graduates are qualified to intelligently be a parent. The testimonial from a Gentleman Student really sold me.

Thank goodness we don’t have ads like this now. Way too much text and poorly formatted. Too many font changes.

Of course, I’m sure ours will look as silly in 80 years.

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  1. You do know what Eugenics means, don’t you? There were quite a few “scientists” who study this. Of course, it led to the gas chambers, but it certainly “cleansed”. Rather than make fun of this ad, one should be absolutely appalled by it!

    1. I think the ad only uses Eugenics because it was a buzzword of the day. Just like they use the word Gospel. The Gospel and Eugenics are about as diametrically opposed as one can get. Nothing in the copy says they were killing anyone.

      In fact, the copy argues against an understanding of Eugenics since that is not something that can be taught. In an ad about ignorance, they display tremendous ignorance of what even Eugenics was in the day.

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