Bye, Zune. What else will go?

Zune hardware apparently dead, software and services live on
[Via Ars Technica]

Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft will cease development of its family of Zune-branded music players due to weak demand and a desire to focus on its smartphone platform.

Zune will live on as a software and services platform, according to Bloomberg’s source. Windows Phone 7 embeds the Zune player for media playback on the phone, uses the Zune Marketplace for online music sales, and the Zune PC software for media syncing and firmware updates. These uses will be unhindered by the cancellation of the standalone Zune hardware.


Interesting since Microsoft has also said it will offer a new music service called Ventura. I wonder how long old Zune hardware no longer works with new MS devices?

No way to play music with a mobile device on the Microsoft side without a telephone contract? Nothing like an iPod Touch?That seems like it’ll be a path to counter iTunes dominance. I just do not see how this is a path to much of anything.