I’ll be playing Garageband on my iPad tonight

First look: Apple’s new GarageBand for iPad, updated iMovie for iOS
[Via AppleInsider]

Apple on Thursday released the all-new GarageBand for iPad, and updated its iMovie application, adding a new look, new features and compatibility with the iPad 2. AppleInsider offers a first look at the newly released software.


So glad this came out today. There are a couple of disappointments – projects created on the iPad  cannot be run on the desktop and vice versa. We will have to wait for an update.

Here is something really cool.

When I put it on Smart Guitar, they have a set of chords all ready. I defaults to the key of C but you have complete choice over thisBut what is really cool are the smart picking, that plays the chords with a variety of picking style. So, using the same picking style, you simply hit different chords and away you go.

That is not the cool part. The selected chord – G, C, F etc – pulses in blue in time with the picking.

IT PULSES. It is hypnotic and amazing and who would think up such a cool little visual device?

In fact, all the smart instruments pulse in time. They really make it easy to lay down some nice tracks just by doodling.

This may be more fun than any games I have for the next few days.

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