March Madness comes to iOS

college basketballby Murray State

NCAA to stream entire 68-team March Madness tournament to iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches for free
[Via Edible Apple]

In a step up from last year, the NCAA will do fans a huge favor and will broadcast all of March Madness for free to iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches over wi-fi and 3G. Yep, the entire 68 team tournament will be mobile this year if you happen to be on the go, or heaven forbid, stuck at work. While a similar service was available last year, fans had to pay for the luxury.

The games will be available via an iOS app that will offer high-quality streams, a personalizable channel lineup, and varied statistics like team leaders, biggest leads, and scoring streaks. Other features include a social commentary area where fans can post their own thoughts on the latest game happenings and follow news and trending issues pertinent to whatever game they happen to be watching. Impressively, all NCAA tourney games will be available, whether they’re being broadcast on CBS, TBS, TNT, or truTV.


This could sell more iPads than anything else. The new iPad 2 comes out few days before the first games on March 15. All the games will be available!

Looks like a lot of fun for MArch.