Apple’s capitalism broke wireless carrier’s Communism?

angry birdsby Yaniv Golan

Angry Birds CEO: We really have Apple to thank; we got away from this carrier-dominated Soviet model
[Via MacDailyNews]

“Of the thousands of games available for download from the App Store, none has had the sustained popularity of Rovio’s Angry Birds, a 99 cent physics-based puzzler in which you use a slingshot to launch birds of various shapes and sizes at fortresses containing green pigs,” Peter Cohen reports for The Loop. “Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka spoke to a large crowd at this week’s Game Developer Conference (GDC) to explain his company’s success.”


It took 12 people 8 months to create Angry Birds, a little long for the app economy but much shorter than the ones seen by 20th century game developers.

Rovio is a Finland company and know quite well the Soviet model – a top-down one where there would be only one type of toothpaste, determined by the central planning agencies.

The cell phone companies acted in a similar fashion. Which is probably why Apple has worked quite hard to remove itself from that model.

And, the app economy requires that the developer maintain contact with the user – something the cell phone companies prevented.

Rovio works hard on the marketing side,with plush animal sales exceeding 2 million. It stays in contact with its customers and continues to give them what they desire – such as more levels for free.