Superbowl a waste of money for Android

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Biggest 2011 Super Bowl ad loser Android’s lesson: Don’t mess with Apple
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“Repetition and the reliance on a winning formula were the keys to success in this year’s Super Bowl. And no, we’re not talking about the Green Bay Packers passing game or its tenacious blitzing defensive schemes. We’re talking Doritos and Snickers, this year’s clear winners in the annual YouGov Polimetrix BrandIndex study of the Super Bowl, which measures the brand buzz gained in the days following the game’s very expensive commercials,” Michael Bush reports for AdAge.


Yep, Android showed the biggest drop of any advertisers. Not a good use of money. The ads served to drive down interest in Android, not increase it.

What is interesting was the demographic breakdowns. Number 1 Snickers were huge for women, going up almost 15 points. For men it was Doritios that went up 19.

Both liked cars but for women, the best was  Hyundai while for men it was the Kia. Chrysler did well with both; in fact, going from  -0.3 to 7.8 for men.

The 18-34 demographic loved the Snickers ad, lifting the brand up a;most 30 buzz points to the highest for any brand. They also loved the E-trade babies, as well as the premium cars, Chrysler and BMW.

For the 35-49 demo, Go-Daddy was number one.Must love the sex innuendos or really love Joan Rivers. For the 50+, Doritos was number one. But they already loved them going from  23-33 buzz points.Yep, the old folks saw the least amount of change in their choices based on the days following the ads. The number 10 for the youth demo shot up  12.2 points which was higher than the oldsters best.

Not too surprisingly, ads work best on youngsters.

As for the bottom 5 – I’d think most were in the range of error. Coke went from 26 to 24. At 26 it is already one of the highest positive brands to begin with. Even down to 24 it is still higher than all the top ten except for Doritos and Snickers. Its doing alright.

Same with Bud Light and Chevrolet. Just msall drops. But GM saw a drop twice as large as the others going from 10.3 down to 4.4. Its 10.3 would have put it way up in the before.Its drop was pretty signficant.

And Android dropped  almost 8 points!