A conundrum – to buy a nice looking knockoff game for iOS when the real game is not available?

Gameloft to release Starcraft on iOS devices—or so it appears
[Via Ars Technica]

There is the act of borrowing ideas and themes from past sources to inform your video games, and then there is the new trailer for GameLoft’s Starfront: Collision on the other. It’s not just that the game is a StarCraft clone; it’s the fact that every one of the game’s assets seems to be taken from Blizzard’s game, changed just enough to avoid legal repercussions, and then crammed into the game.

Bonus points for choice of fonts. Take a look for yourself.


The trailer looks cool. The key to Starcraft was the well-tested scenarios. But for something at a nice price, this could waste some time.

Blizzard may never come out with Starcraft for the iOS. So, I think I might be checking this out when it is available. Castle games have always been popular on iOS. This one just plays like another one.