More Angry Birds coming in February?

angry birdsby hahatango

Angry Birds Planning Valentine’s Edition, World Domination
[Via – Your Friendly Global Mac Community]

Rovio, the developers of the insanely popular Angry Birds game for iOS (and other platforms), are planning another special holiday version of the app, for Valentines Day. This heavily pink-themed version should be out on or before February 14.

9to5Mac has a post with an embedded video where Rovio’s CEO (who doesn’t look angry at all) talks about general plans for world domination as well – including looking at broadcast media like TV ‘and even movies’.

I can tell you that in our household we are not falling prey to any of the Angry Birds hype – I have no idea how those two birds got on my keyboard and we certainly don’t play with these plush toys while making pissed-off bird sounds.


Angry Birds is a great example of what the app economy looks like. Once hooked they can keep us on the hook by coming out with new versions, either feee or for low cost.

My fear is that Rovio comes out with an Angry Birds construction set (like for $10) and a social network to trade new puzzles. Then I will never get any work done.