UPDATED:Doing stocks from an iPad

Coming Soon: Full “Bloomberg Anywhere” App on iPad
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Went out for dinner tonight with some guys from the office and a institutional salesguy we would love to hire (very smart, does good business, a great addition to the office).

After dinner, a Bloomberg Tech guy recognizes me — “Your an equity, dude, right?” — and he sees me playing with the iPad. “Are you a Bloomberg anywhere user? Wait until you see the new app!

He looks too young to be a hippy, but that’s how he speaks. I ask him about the app, and he replies: “Its the full Bloomberg terminal ON YOUR IPAD, MAN FULL BLOOMIE ON THE PAD!”


The finance guys could really do all their stuff from the comfort of their iPad. I’m not so sure this is good for the US economy but it would probably be good for Apple.

UPDATE: As you can see below, I received a comment from The Big Picture website feeling I had done a ‘cut and paste’ of the post instead of a Fair Use excerpt. While, in my opinion, I did only excerpt the post and did not simply do a ‘cut and paste’, I do not want to raise the ire of the proprietors of such a great web site.

So, I have removed a few more sentences from my excerpt above. While I believe that my original post was proper Fair Use and that the current excerpt does not do as adequate a job as before providing the information I wished to comment on, I would expect that my post would be closer to what The Big Pictures wants.

For those of you curious to what I removed from the original post, the sentences are::

It turns out he’s on the design or sales team, and is utterly blown away by his employer’s  awesomeness. (Good for him)

Note that this is not merely the current Bloomberg.com app on the iPad, but full blown Bloomberg terminal access.

In my opinion, those two sentences are helpful in a Fair Use excerpt. In the eyes of  The Big Picture they are too much.

That is the problem with Fair Use as currently promulgated. What constitutes Fair Use is really based on people’s opinions. Actual Fair Use can only be determined by litigation, not the best way for the limits of free speech to be determined.

So, often the side with the smaller legal recourse almost always has to back down to the side with greater legal resources, no matter who is really right (Not to imply that is what is happening here. Simply that this is a general problem with Fair Use actions.

In this case, there is, I hope, mutual courtesy and a wish for everyone to be in a protected state, legally speaking. In this case, I have no problem complying with the request to the best of my understanding.

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  1. Hi,

    I am one of the editors of The Big Picture. It appears you have cut & pasted an entire post from the site.

    Due to an exclusive contractual relationship with people who buy this, we don’t allow entire posts to be republished.

    Of course, if you edit this down to a smaller “Fair Use” excerpt, our partners can’t harass us.

    Thank you

    1. I always attempt to use fair use excerpts from posts. I did not use the entire post from The Big Picture, instead including what I felt was enough of the relevant text to permit a proper understanding of the context of the post. BUt I certainly do not want to raise the ire of such a wonderful site as The Big Picture.

      I will re-edit the post further now, providing an explanation for the change.

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