Apple’s competitors are where?

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Apple’s Apple seen selling 100 million iPhones, 40 million iPads in 2011
[Via AppleInsider]

Any drop in Apple’s share price tomorrow “presents a buying opportunity ahead of earnings,” according to the latest analyst to weigh in on the impact Steve Jobs’ leave of absence may have on investors, noting an improved outlook for iOS and more favorable component costs than previously expected.


Apple has competitors  but they simply do not match the system that Apple has put together. Jobs said that they were 5 years ahead of their competitors in 2007 on software for mobile devices. Four years later an no one else is running a desktop OS on a mobile device. It does not appear that anyone will anytime soon.

Apple has made it very easy for developers to create software for anything from the desktop to the cell phone because underneath the hood, they all run the same OS. No one else does.

This means that every device has a huge number of things it can do right out of the box, from playing music to playing games. All can be bought from the device itself. Do Android phone users have an average of 60 apps per phone? What about any Android tablets? Apple has paid out $12 billion to music suppliers for iTunes. Apple sells  3% of the industry’s phones but makes 39% of the profits.

So, while Android has some nice phones, there is little connection to laptops. The total connection between software and hardware over all device forms gives Apple the profits and the muscle to dominate.

It may be possible to chip away at some points but no one device connects to the rich ecosystem that Apple provides.

It will be hard for individual companies to match everything Apple has across all device forms.