I thought RIM’s Playbook was a game changer?

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RIM PlayBook will ship without email, calendar; not a fully standalone device, requires BlackBerry
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“One of the more unusual aspects of the upcoming tablet from BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is the fact that users need to synch their BlackBerrys to it to fully access their email, calendars and memos,” Elizabeth Woyke reports for Forbes.


So, the only way to use the tablet for many things people want is to already have a Blackberry?

Wow. Just Wow! How can it be a great standalone tablet if it can not read new email? It is coming out a year after the iPad with fewer features. That is an iPad killer?

Yes, my iPad has to be synced also but it can be done with ANY PC that I choose for my own purposes. I am not required to buy an Apple computer to do so. Thus I can us the iPad for MY purposes, not having to ask RIM for permission to use it.

And I can read new emails as they come in. Without being synced.

I can do everything I need with just my iPad. I do not require paying for my iPhone in order to use my iPad and I can pretty much use any computer I want to sync. How does RIM requiring people own their other devices actually help the user? And, if this is really only geared for those who already have a Blackberry, how do you leverage this to grow the market?

Where is the strategy here? What advantages does it present to any user, advantages that make them want to buy it? If it is going to get these features as the platform evolves, then why not just wit?But if people wait, then there will be no platform to evolve to.

Apple is a genius at getting a first generation product that is so compelling that people are willing to overlook some holes. But not having PIM functions, well, calling it a quirk is like calling the San Andreas fault a trench.

This looks to me like they needed to rush something out and hope to add this in the future. But what makes this device compelling without the ability to check email, see up to date calendars and such? Why should I have to go and buy both a tablet and a new cell phone in order to use it?

There already are questions about battery life.

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