60 apps! For every iOS device! I’m behind

Crazy iOS Stats – More than 60 Apps Downloaded for Every Device Sold
[Via Mactropolis.com]


Horace Dediu has some great data up at his asymco site surrounding the 10 billion apps download mark we know the App Store will soon hit. He’s got some striking numbers that really put some perspective on the huge numbers of apps downloaded. Some of the numbers and thoughts from Dediu that caught my include:

– Assuming the 10 billionth download happens this month, apps will have hit that milestone in half the time it took for songs to reach it (31 months vs 67 for songs)

– This little gem on the rate of downloads per day:

The amazing story of this chart is not that apps are running at above 30 million download per day, but that the figure is growing. Growth like this is hard to get one’s mind around. Not only are downloads increasing, but the rate of increase is increasing.

– And of course the stat I mentioned in the post title:

The number of apps downloaded for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is running at more than 60

That seems an impressive number considering how many novice users there are out there that have likely downloaded very few or even no apps at all.


With an iPhone and an iPad, I should have 120 apps total. I only have 47.  Time to get to work.