Is Google evil?

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Slashdot Comment on Google Dropping H.264 in Chrome
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“Znu”, on Slashdot:

This serves two strategic purposes for Google. First, it advances a codec that’s de facto controlled by Google at the expense of a codec that is a legitimate open standard controlled by a multi-vendor governance process managed by reputable international standards bodies. (“Open source” != “open standard”.) And second, it will slow the transition to HTML5 and away from Flash by creating more confusion about which codec to use for HTML5 video, which benefits Google by hurting Apple (since Apple doesn’t want to support Flash), but also sucks for users.

Don’t be evil.


Pushing a system where they have more control than another system is good business. Being able to use their own products to push that system, even better. And, if they stop YouTube from using the other system, then they can use other areas of the corporation to help support this while shutting out competitors.

Driving business away from their competitors and towards themselves is pure capitalism. But cloaking it under a desire for open source software?

Is this really a case of ‘Do no evil’ or is that just a marketing phrase used to fool us?

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  1. If you people wrote in English, we might all be more upset with Google than we are already. As I read Google, the more power they collect, the more corrupt they become. Surprise! In my opinion, most geeks are naive to the point of stupidity.

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