Taking a shot at Apple without having a clue

microsoft by Robert Couse-Baker

Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky takes shot at Apple
[Via Edible Apple]

With CES now dead and gone like Justin Timberlake, NetworkWorld recounts a quip from Microsoft President Steven Sinofsky in which the Microsoft Prez criticized Apple.

Sinofsky recalled sitting on a plane next to a passenger who used a succession of Apple devices during and after the flight. First the passenger texted and talked on his iPhone before takeoff, then watched a movie on his iPad, listened to music on his iPod, and finally opened up his MacBook upon landing to catch up on everything he missed while in the air.

“That’s not particularly converged,” Sinofsky said during an invitation-only press conference Wednesday afternoon, hours before Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was scheduled to give his Consumer Electronics Show keynote. “In fact, it was clear some of the same scenarios were happening across devices.”

Classic Microsoft. Instead of taking a step back and thinking – hmm, why are folks so keen on buying a multitude of Apple products – Sinofsky changes the conversation to, “Ya see! Apple products lack convergence!”


NIce. Someone has bought 4 Apple products and MS thinks there is something wrong, instead of wondering how Apple has convinced one person to have 4 different Apple products.

How about this, because I too have the same 4 Apple products and, while each has overlapping functions with others, each also provides a tool the other s do not.

iPod – I carry ALL my music and quite a few videos in one device, allowing me to create playlists that constantly surprise me. iPhone – make calls, duh. iPad, easily watch movies without worrying about battery and large screen plus small size permits me to watch in cramped quarters. Macbook – allows me to create high powered content easily on the move with battery life that allows me to work unconnected.

These devices now can use apps that use the same operating system across all of them, something no other company can do. If MS can not understand this, then it is easy to understand why their stock price has languished.