Mac App Store is too much fun

There is one thing I am thankful for – that the Mac App Store did not come out before Christmas. I’d have a much bigger hole in my pocket.

What will it be like when there are 10,000 apps instead of 1000?

Oh, Apple does something so very cute but really quite elegant. When you confirm the sale, the icon from the Mac App Store page that represents the program leaps off the page, slowly shrinking as it arcs across the screen and ends up on dock. Thus you know it is now yours and you only have to wait for the down load.

So, I looked in the program for something to tell me how the download was goingand failed. Then I noticed that the little icon on the dock has a progress bar under it showing the download. Really cool!

A really neat, creative and useful way to give all the information needed and to show off Apple/s wonderful graphics. I bet no other OS could do something similar with such panache.