Great takedown of a denialist’s argument

greenland by christine zenino (chrissy575)

Easterbrook’s wrong (again)
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Over the holiday period I’ve had a number of people point me at the latest “essay” by Don “Cooling-gate” Easterbrook — it was featured in full at µWatts, translated into German and Dutch, and made headline material for Morano: Geologist: 9,099 Of Last 10,500 Years Warmer Than 2010. I was a little surprised. I thought […]


Here we have a great demonstration of how real data is presented and how that data is redone to misrepresent trends by deniaists. Calling 1855, the “present day” does not seem possible to do by accident.

Usually the side that mis-draws graphs and refuses to update them when the mistakes are shown is the side that is denying facts.

I guess it’s a living.