In just 2 days, a paradigm shift in computer applications

angry birds by Micky.!

Mac App Store developers aim for low prices, high volume
[Via AppleInsider]

With Apple’s Mac App Store scheduled to open in just two days, developers are reporting enthusiasm and cautious optimism, hoping to repeat the success of the iOS app market for iPhone and iPad.


When the Mac App Store opens we will see something unique – computer programs developed independently in two different computing ecosystems competing against one another in the same ecosystem. In one, years may have been spent corralling 10s of developers to create monolithic software that sells for $50-$100.

In the other, a handful of developers have spent months creating a simple, focussed app that sells for less than $5.

One has update and new release timelines of years. The other updates almost monthly.

Bad for some company’s business plans but a wonderful opportunity for others. Whole new economies can be developed in weeks. The makers of large, expensive software suites may be in for a real shakeup.

It will be a wonderful time for the customer who gets to see just what competition creates in the software business. This is where the entrepreneurial spirit hits the innovative home runs.

The dinosaurs will be routed and only those that can adapt will survive.

And no other computing environment can do this, not Microsoft nor Google. Each has developed operating systems that keep these two ecosystems separate, going on their own paths. Fragmentation means that Windows on a laptop uses different software than Windows on a phone or tablet. Same with Google.

Only Apple will have App stores based on relatively similar OSes that permit developers for mobile devices to also sell the same software for laptops, with less than a month’s work.

Meanwhile, Microsoft and Google have not delineated any path for developers to create apps for the phone that can also be sold for tablets, laptops and desktops. Each is still a separate ecosystem for them. So any innovation in one ecosystem is not easily transferable to any other.

Meanwhile we may shortly see something like Angry Birds available for any type of computer Apple makes. Or maybe a single presentation program across all the different devices that seamlessly moves content between them.

It will be as big a paradigm shift for software applications as the original App store for the iPhone was for mobile apps. Ansd I do not see Microsoft or Google getting anything similar soon.