Compare this with the Governor of his state or the Mayor of NYC

Mayor of Newark, New Jersey starts Twitter blizzard cleanup snowpocalypse revolution
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Newark, New Jersey’s popular Mayor, Cory Booker, has had a novel reaction to the problems the blizzard is causing for his people: he’s listening to them, and trying to help. Shocking, we know. Even more interesting, of course, is the fact that he’s using Twitter to do so. While phone lines all over the tri-state area remain a joke (try calling an airline or public hotline), Twitter has presented Newark’s Mayor with a unique, and incredibly direct way of interacting with people who need help with everything from getting their streets plowed to delivering diapers — personally in many situations. While it’s not exactly enough to make us consider a move to Newark, it’s certainly impressive.


It does not matter what party you are if you are responsive to the people. Utilizing Twitter to coordinate the emergency needs of the people in his town, and even doing work himself actively demonstrates why we want leaders in the first place.

He was even asking people to direct mail him with their needs. I mean, he even delivered ddiapers requested by a citizen. This is an example of the best reasons for the Internet – allowing people to connect and move important information around. He may not succeed with every request but people can tell he is really trying.

Heck, he has even taken to defending Bloomberg’s response in NYC.

Also, we get responses like this, ones that cut down on rumors and present a public face to what is being done:


And this is not the first time he has used Twitter to help with the needs of citizens. Last year, he personally helped shovel an elderly man’s driveway after receiving a tweet from the daughter.

Someone to keep an eye on – varsity football player at Stanford, BA in Political Science, ran a campus hotline, got a law degree from Yale, operated free legal clinics for low income people, while a city council member he lived in a housing complex in his ward, he lived in a motor home for a while parking it at blighted corners to prevent drug trafficking there. There was even an assassination plot against him because of his tough stance on crime. The Newark Police Foundation was formed during his administration to provide for resources not funded in the city’s budget.

That anti-crime stance has resulted in some of the greatest reductions in violent crime rates in the country. The city had it first murder-free month in 44 years in 2010.

He has demonstrated an unorthodox approach to solving difficult problems, with a personal touch that seems to belie a martinet’s approach to micromanagement. Even Conan has made up with him.