Microsoft discusses software that will not be available for two years?

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This Has Got to Be a Mistake
[Via Daring Fireball]

Don Clark and Nick Wingfield, reporting for the WSJ on the same Windows-for-ARM-at-CES rumor as Bloomberg:

The company next month plans to demonstrate a new version of its widely used Windows operating system that targets low-power devices and adds support for chips based on designs from ARM Holdings PLC as well as the x86 chip technology offered by Intel and Advanced Micro Devices Inc., these people said. Microsoft will discuss the software at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January, though it isn’t expected to be available for two years, they added.

Two years? Not for an all-new next-generation OS, but simply a version of Windows that runs on ARM CPUs? That must be a mistake. Right?


So, in two years MS will have an OS that can compete on the same hardware Apple has already been using for quite some time. The iPad is built on Apple’s own hardware design based on ARM processors. The operating system it uses will be over 3 years old by the time MS releases theirs, assuming the schedule does not slip.

When Apple discusses something, it comes out either immediately or in 6 months. MS will talk about a two year timeframe.

If I was an investor in MS, I would certainly hope this was a mistake – a really big one.