Enzyte for the Gilded Age

19th century erectile disfunction ad
[Via Boing Boing]

Nick sez, “I came upon this ad in the Junes 11, 1899 edition of The Omaha Daily Bee. Impotency or, ‘weakness of the sexual organ’ is depicted as a frail elderly man being held by the dashing mustached gentleman obviously representing Sexual Potency. Note that this ‘French’ invention (‘oh well if it’s from France…’) is said to be ‘endorsement of the German and French governments, and is largely used in the standing armies of these countries.’ Ah for the days when governments had concern for the sexual prowess of their soldiers…'”


Nice to that things have not changed much. If my sexual organs has shrunk or wasted away. I’d be a little concerned myself.

I love that Calthos is the only thing recognized by doctors as a cure for weak men. I wonder how idiotic our ads will look in 100 years?

One thought on “Enzyte for the Gilded Age

  1. Oh, in these days of Cialis and Viagra, how we long for the safety and comfort of Calthos (APPROVED BY THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT!) Of course, the French didn’t worry about DADT, either.

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