Humor – Looks like Android is catching up with the iPhone for customer excitement

The Line at Best Buy to Buy the Nexus S
[Via Daring Fireball]

Captured by Julie Johnston.


The photographer comments:

In fairness, he posed for this photo. There wasn’t a line – the sales guy wasn’t even sure if they were *getting* any of the phones. They didn’t have any at this store, and we were directed to a store nearby that had 70 in stock in their inventory system. The store nearby? Was a Best Buy Mobile store in a mall and didn’t open until 9 (even though Best Buy’s press release implied ALL Best Buy’s would be open at 8). We were still first in line there, although two more people showed up just before the store opened. We left at about 9:20, and no other Nexus buyers had appeared.

Being fair is not nearly as humorous. But it does illustrate that only Apple can generate the excitement of a Black Friday or a new Star Wars movie.


apple store line by goodrob13

Star Wars