Only a small percentage of people will understand the strategic importance of the lastest leak

Boing Boing Exclusive: Wikileaks drops major bombshell*
[Via Boing Boing]

I hope we don’t get sent to Guantánamo for conspiring with Wikileaks to reveal this über-top-top-top secret cable. You’d better read this right now. (* You’re welcome.)


I was flabbergasted by the cable that was released. Then I realized it was sent when Clinton was President. The world sure has changed in 12 years. Read it now.

If you do not understand, it discusses a specific sort of intelligence which had previously only reached public knowledge around 2008. It is pretty amazing to think that America and Britain were engaging in this conduct 10 years earlier. This is still 10 years after the original incident.

I am glad we can now all follow the global effects that his cable was, so far, the earliest indication.