Infinity Blade will kill me

IMG_0021.PNG screenshot from my iPad

First iOS game I have ended up with cramped shoulders from playing constantly without moving. Yes, it is not a free-roaming FPS with RPG aspects. I expect the hardware is not quite there yet.

So we get a game on rails with some RPG aspects. It has a different feel than id Software’s Rage, which feels more like a funhouse ride along rails, with the movements oddly unnatural in disorienting ways.

Infinity Blade, your character walks right up to the boss – and that is all Infinity Blade has is bosses – and start fighting. You have to learn how to dodge correctly and to block with your shield. Use you sword to parry and then do some slicing. If you have the right kind of magic ring you can do some damage also – I love that the magic spells require your to swipe the screen using some mystic symbols, almost as if you were Dr. Strange.

The RPG aspects mean you level up yourself and each thing you are using. You spread your experience points around and then move onto the next boss. The strategic aspect of being able to by new weapons and armor provides some real strategy amongst the tactical battles.

Yes, the different battles can get a little redundant after a while but, like what I have seen with a lot of iOS games, the purpose is not really to have days worth of game time.

This is a game that breaks down into 5-10 minute segments that you can fit into a busy schedule when you need a break. It’ll fill up some time. That is Rage is nice. I can try and do better than I did last time and even if I don’t I’ll get a nice break from the real world.

Except my first push on Infinity Blade resulted in me sitting in a chair cramped up after playing to long. They should put a reminder in these games to stretch my legs every so often.

[Listening to: Half-Truism from the album “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace” by The Offspring]

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