The iPad becoming more of PC for me every day

iPad by Lance Shields

Classifying iPad as mobile PC makes Apple No. 3 worldwide manufacturer
[Via AppleInsider]

If the iPad is categorized as equivalent to a traditional laptop, Apple is the largest mobile PC seller in the U.S., and the third-largest worldwide.


When I got my iPad, I knew it was going to replace a lot of my PC work. I could simply use it in places I would not take a laptop.

Like the bathtube. I streamed an entire episode of Sherlock Holmes while taking a path using the PBS app. I’d never do that with any other type of PC (And the new Sherlock Holmes is awesome!!)

But, since the 4.2 iOS update, it has become even more of a PC. I spend today in meetings. During one, I recorded the meeting using SoundNote, and simultaneously downloaded relevant PDFs from the approprite website and saved them in folders using GoodReader.

Because of the new multitasking process in 4.2, I could record the meeting, take notes, download documents and edit them in Pages. Before, it would have stopped recording as soon as I opened another app.

I have not used my laptop in a meeting since I upgraded the iOS to 4.2

I figure one or two more updates and the ipad may become an obvious PC. But right now it is definitely a personal computer to me.