It explains Leonard’s romances so well

Because if you’re going to be evil, just go all the way to chaotic.
[Via WWdN: In Exile]

I love these alignment charts that are currently going around the Internets at the speed of meme; it isn’t very often that D&D and pop culture references overlap, after all. As you can imagine, I especially love this one:


There are several other charts at Mighty God King, where they’re in the middle of a week of alignment charts.

(Thanks, Melissa!)


Leonard is attracted to the women who align along a similar axis as him (good or lawful) but ultimately leaves them because of the conflicting axis (evil or chaotic). Sheldon has a chance if he can pull Amy Farrah Fowler more towards the lawful side. Raj and Howard are hopeless and Wil remains a nemesis not only for Sheldon but perhaps for Leonard also. This is so much fun.

Man, for some reason this brought back memories from playing D & D in college in the 70s using mimeographed copies of the rules, having to special order weird multisided dice and creating adventures every Friday night. I had just never thought about looking at a TV show or other narrative using the same alignment system.

Very well-done. Here is one for Battlestar Galactica. Someone should do one for Leverage, Firefly or Supernatural. I bet a Mark Sheppard character would be in every one.