A nice description of what Google is doing with Chrome, netbooks and Android

Google delays netbook plans for Chrome OS to mid 2011
[Via AppleInsider]

Google’s plan to bring a web-centric, open operating system to netbooks has been delayed until the first half of 2011 as the company continues to work on Chrome OS, originally expected to launch this summer. The OS is held up on a wide variety of problems, from missing hardware support to Android-like fragmentation.


Android goes on phones and Chrome is for netbooks, except that netbooks are declining because of the iPad. So Chrome will be reworked for a pad. BUt the hardware is all different.

And Chrome may not have things like printing abilities.

All very confusing. iOS is simple. One OS that works on devices from the pocket to the lap to the desk. One development path. Defined hardware. All buttons in one place. Native apps for everyone. And a year or two head start.

I wonder if Chrome will even be relevant when it finally makes an appearance?

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