Worldchanging disappearing

Farewell to a Great Web Effort at Worldchanging
[Via Dot Earth]

When I dove into the blogosphere with Dot Earth in 2007 after a quarter century of conventional journalism, I was excited to find some “veterans” — if that word is remotely appropriate online — actively pursuing a vision of a humanized, but thriving, planet over at the Web site


Some bad news that I just heard. Alex Steffen and the group’s board is shutting down Worldchanging after 7 years. Sustainable Path has had several important interactions with Alex and he has provided some useful advice.

They never could secure major funding that they needed. Worldchanging survived on the 400 or so talks that Alex gave. He and the other contributors will be doing other things now but without a central place to find them. Sad to see such a great site disappear.